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Charlie Parker Legends Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece by Drake Mouthpieces

  • Our Price: $499.00

  • The Charlie Parker legend mouthpiece is modeled after the mouthpiece found in Bird's King Super 20 case. This famous ""white"" mouthpiece is the exact mouthpiece seen in many famous photos.

    The vintage design of this mouthpiece features a moderate rollover baffle with a long window and medium / large chamber. There is no undercutting on the side walls. You will find the design to work incredibly well for many playing situations. The material used (Drake's patented ""Acoustalin"" TM) has been engineered to duplicate the density properties of Bird's original piece.

    Available tip openings include Bird's original 4*(.62'), 5* (.72') and 6* (.82').
  • Model number: LCP
Additional questions? Call the store at 201-847-2524 or e-mail ray@ackermansmusic.com


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