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RS Berkeley Bass Clarinet

Offers clarinetists excellent sound and great projection. This two piece, hard rubber bodied clarinet ranges to low Eb and features 20 nickel silver keys, a second speaker key, blue steel springs, straight tone holes, metal inner tenon sleeves, leather pads, metal resonators and comes complete with a mouthpiece and custom leather case.Buy Now
Our Price: $1,698.00 Details

RS Berkeley Bass Clarinet

Produces a rich, well centered tone that handles well in all playing conditions. The clarinet features a one piece Ebonite body, which offers the stability and durability of plastic, but the more dense rubber offers a dark sound and projection found in many professional models. The bell and the neck of the instrument are silver plated. The clarinet ranges to low Eb and has the 18 key Boehm system with 7 covered finger holes. The keys are nickel silver with straight tone holes which gives off a consistent uniform response throughout the range of the clarinet. The BC310 features stainless steel springs and high quality leather pads (with tone resonators on large size pads). The clarinet has an adjustable floor peg which is able to adjust to the proper playing position for players of different heights. Additional features include metal resonators, rounded bridge key connector and an adjustable thumb rest. The BC310 comes complete with a custom leather case, mouthpiece, cap and ligature and cork grease.Buy Now
Our Price: $1,606.00 Details

RS Berkeley A Clarinet

Features a hard rubber body, barrel, bell and nickel silver keys. Manufactured with a .576"" (14.64mm)bore, the A clarinet also features a boehm key system, blue steel springs and comes complete with a case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap. Buy Now
Our Price: $999.00 Details

RS Berkeley Wooden Clarinet

The CL305 wooden clarinet offers a more powerful and focused sound. This is a great clarinet for the advanced player. This clarinet features an ebony wood body, stainless steel springs and nickel silver keys. The clarinet includes a mouthpiece ligature cap and custom case.Buy Now
Our Price: $879.00 Details

RS Berkeley Clarinet

A great choice for a clarinetist looking for an instrument that is extremely free blowing with beautiful tone quality, the outstanding construction and tonal quality of this hard rubber clarinet are features that are often found in more advanced models. Includes a mouthpiece, ligature, cap and case.Buy Now
Our Price: $362.00 Details

RS Berkeley University Series Clarinet

An excellent choice for the beginning clarinet student, the UCL12 is a free blowing clarinet that produces a strong, full bodied, open tone. The clarinet features a durable hard rubber body, which resists cracking; 2 barrel sizes, one long & one short; nickel plated keys, and Blue steel springs. Includes a mouthpiece, ligature & cap, and a hard shell case. Buy Now
Our Price: $241.00 Details

RS Berkeley Freedom Adjustable Clarinet Barrel

Manufactured in the heart of the United States, the Freedom Adjustable Clarinet Barrel is ideal for both large and medium bore clarinets. Made from aluminum alloy, the Freedom barrel has an infinite adjustable range below 60mm - above 70mm. The mechanics of the Freedom barrel allows the mouthpiece to remain stationary during adjustment, allowing fine tuning corrections while playing. This American made barrel will give you the freedom to tune in any situation. Buy Now
Our Price: $89.00 Details

RS Berkeley Liberty Adjustable Clarinet Barrel

Precision manufactured from aerospace grade materials, this adjustable clarinet barrel allows you to be in tune under any playing conditions. Simply rotate the tuning ring located at the mid-section of the barrel and bring your clarinet into tune quickly, easily and most importantly, perfectly. Infinitely adjustable in length from under 59mm to approximately 69mm, no other tuning barrel is necessary. No more pulling at the joints or clumsy rings. This single barrel solution will save you time, money and frustration.Buy Now
Our Price: $67.50 Details

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