Soul Trumpet

The Soul Trumpet is a collaboration between RS Berkeley Instruments and Ackerman's Music Center. You can be assured of an instrument that will meet your expectations of a professional jazz trumpet. The Soul features all brass construction including lead pipes, crooks, inner tubing and braces. The only components that are not made of brass are the valve stems which are aluminum for the fastest possible valve action and nickel-chrome Amado water keys that will not corrode. With a bore size of .459 this horn offers just the right amount of resistance to satisfy the expectations of the jazz player or commercial musician.

The Soul Trumpet has the flexibility you will need to play high or low - loud or soft - with a blowing ease that is unbelievable at any dynamic level. The hand forged and tempered two piece bell is the secret! When you first pick up the Soul you will notice that the horn is very light and easy to hold in your hand. It is also well balanced with a configuration reminiscent of the trumpet designs of the 30's and 40's. This horn has no lacquer. It is available only in a matte brass finish. Because the hand tempered bell is so responsive the Soul Trumpet player will experience little need to adapt. Instead the horn easily responds to your creative input with well centered intonation and ease of playing.

Whatever your own personal sound is the Soul will enhance that sound in all registers and dynamic ranges. You will not want to put the Soul Trumpet down because it is literally a joy to play! The Soul Trumpet is not a mass produced instrument. It is assembled from imported and domestic components and fully tested at the RS Berkeley main headquarters in Berkeley Heights, NJ USA. Once all tests are passed the Soul logo is then hand engraved as our seal of approval that a purchase of the Soul Trumpet will meet all of your expectations. The Soul Trumpet is ideal for jazz, commercial, small venue engagements such as restaurants and lead trumpet applications where a darker but centered high register sound is preferred. Louis Armstrong said "You blow who you is!"

Let the Soul Trumpet show who you are!!! Please allow a two week lead time for domestic orders and a three week lead time for overseas orders. If you have any questions please contact Ray at