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Since 1961 Ackerman's Music has been teaching young boys and girls as well as adults to learn to play musical instruments including guitar, piano, flute, trumpet, and other band and orchestral instruments.
Our reputation for providing great teachers who are as passionate about teaching as they are about playing is well known. We believe that to motivate a student to be their personal best requires an enthusiasm and love of music that makes every lesson an inspired stepping stone toward mastering that student's instrument of choice.
Our teachers create an individual lesson plan that reflects the students interest in music in addition to providing the fundamentals of technical exercise and music theory necessary to insure success.   As the student progresses from week to week on the fundamentals we gradually introduce songs that are contemporary yet reinforce the basic skills that are essential to gaining a basic mastery of the instrument.  As students attain a certain level of proficiency we then encourage our students to choose songs that interest them as part of their overall success strategy.
With regard to guitar and piano we teach classical, classic rock, blues, pop, country and jazz depending on what area the student wishes to concentrate on.  Our band instrument teachers are very experienced with preparing students for performance in concert band, jazz band, or symphonic band as well as preparation for county, regional, and state competitions.
We offer a trial lesson at no cost and no commitment to children and adults alike to allow the student to experience a lesson in a supportive and pressure free environment.
Enrollment is on a monthly basis with no long term contracts. We teach year round and offer flexible tuition packages during the vacation months!
Call us today for a trial lesson as you begin your exciting journey on the road to musical recreation, learning and mastery at a pace that works for you!